Community Foundations are the fastest growing form of philanthropy in the country. Our purpose is to help people realize their philanthropic wishes and involve them in building their community through endowment funds.

Endowments allow us to fund a multitude of worthy causes. Community Foundation invests and pools all donations together in perpetuity. The investments are managed by professionals and only the earned income is used; the initial principal is not. In this way, a maximum return can be created, providing ongoing revenue that is used to grant to projects and programs of the not-for-profit sector. A wealth of permanent student scholarships and bursaries are also created through the endowed funds.

Because the initial principal is never compromised, we can continue in perpetuity giving grants and student awards where it is most needed in our community. Community Foundation Grey Bruce manages $14.5 million in endowed assets, which provided more than $600,000 in grants and student awards in 2015, the year of this site’s creation.